Meet The Team


Jennifer Moore – First Children Programme Director

Jennifer has been fully involved in the Montessori world for the past 30 years in Cape Town, South Africa. She has directed and taught in classrooms for children between the ages of 3 to 9 year olds and co-ordinated and developed teacher training courses. During this time she has also made two adventurous overland trips into the continent of Africa, visiting some eighteen different countries.

Personal message:

“My life and work have opened my eyes to the nature of our species and to our indisputable connection to each other. Without a doubt, the environment in which we grow up, both natural and communal, has a profound influence on us and the adult we will become. This in turn shapes the communities we create and so the cycle is perpetuated. Making adults aware of human needs and development is a small step towards change.”

Xoliswa Bala

Xoliswa has spent over 25 years working at Auburn House School supporting teachers in the classroom and teaching isiXhosa to Primary school children of all ages. She was instrumental in leading self-development studies with women over several years.

She currently is plays a central facilitating role in the First Children programme, leading mother tongue discussion groups with adult students and providing direct liaison with the Xhosa community.

Personal Message:

“I love educating others about my Xhosa culture and believe that through this knowledge and understanding it can help us to move forward. My passion is finding a way to support others to reach their potential.”



Fasiegha Arendse

Fasiegha’s journey as a social justice activist began in the late 1980’s.  She contributed to the struggle for a new and alternative education within the broader movement for freedom in South Africa. Her life-long education and work continues to be richly inspired by the healing arts and is currently completing her training as a Personal Mastery Life Coach.

Fasiegha enjoys a long-standing association spanning 30 years as a parent within the Auburn House Montessori community.

Personal message

“I remain inspired and excited to continue working for social change in South Africa. At the heart of my vision for social transformation in education, is the idea that every citizen both young and old, should be encouraged to communicate in many of the 12 languages spoken in our country. I feel that a shared language experience could lead our society to a space of healing, in which we are able to speak and listen with greater empathy and understanding, deepening the realisation that we all share a common humanity.”

Sibulele Magini

Sibulele hails from the Eastern Cape rural village of Ngqushwa and holds a B.A degree and a teaching qualification from Rhodes University in Grahamstown. A young man with a generous nature and a warm sense of humour driven by a sense of social justice and love for his country. He worked as a journalist and then found his passion in teaching, which he has been doing for the past four years.

Personal message

“I am passionate about the young people in South Africa and truly believe that through focussing on young children and the youth, we can prepare them to become strong and capable adults that will lead our country towards a better place for all.”